Database Design - Malayan Tech Labs Sdn Bhd
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It is fundamental to the longevity of your custom software that the database is set up correctly. This is not something that you need to worry about, but as part of our consultative process, we ask the right questions to make absolutely sure we know your vision for the future of your business. If the structure of the database is correct from the start, we can in the future make further enhancements without the need to make costly structural changes. Sometimes this is necessary as a business may require fundamentally different functionality, but we strive to future proof your custom software as much as possible from the outset.

Optimized processes

Running a SQL Server database can be a significant investment for any business. Maintaining a highly efficient database requires specialist skills that many businesses don’t have available in-house. Our team of expert database administrators optimize the performance of your SQL database, maximizing the use of system resources to work as efficiently as possible.

Backup assurance

We give you the most robust assurance that your backup systems and procedures are running smoothly. Using a proactive backup monitoring system developed here at Malayan Tech Labs hourly backup audits are compared to a backup policy document. If your database doesn’t meet the policy or if a successful report isn’t received within the hour a support alert is automatically raised and assigned to a member of our team, often before you are aware there is a problem.

Comprehensive services

We provide a fully managed and tailored SQL service and have the flexibility to cater to your individual business needs. We provide a range of additional services for our clients including database replication, partitioning, disaster recovery services, security audits and more. Our team help you to identify how your processes can be optimized and which solutions provide the most business benefit to you.

Leave your database management to the experts.

The possibilities are as unique as your business. Contact us to discuss your requirements further.